Terms of Use

Maldi, like Facebook, is a place where you can post stories and tell various stories.
It is a social community application.

You upload photos and materials to the storyline in various ways.
You can send and receive messages within the app.
Uploading inappropriate content is prohibited in Maldi.

including any content that is objectionable to users or illegal content;
Adult material, security-related material, and all socially inappropriate content
Registration is not permitted.

Please refer to the following common violations.

Common violations

  • Implement paid features that encourage sharing of content that is primarily objectionable, or
    User-generated content that is sexually suggestive, such as permissive.
  • Targeting minors and preventing intimidation, harassment or violence
    User Generated Content (UGC) that does not have sufficient safeguards in place.
  • Bullying or harassing others for the purpose of abuse, malicious attack, or ridicule;
    Posts, comments, or photos that are intended to be bullying.
  • Content that may cause user dissatisfaction with content that is offensive.

All users who sign up for and use Maldi must abide by the terms and conditions.
Persons in charge are always monitoring it, and in case of violation, data will be removed without notice.
Please note that it may be deleted, and in severe cases, compulsory withdrawal of membership will be taken.
You cannot re-register with an email address that has been withdrawn once.

Alternatively, members can report any problems with the material.
When a report is made, the person in charge will review it and take action.
If there is a problem with the material, please report it to

Please refer to these parts and keep it dry and more beautiful
We ask for a lot of participation from members so that the Maldi app can be operated.
thank you.